Tuba Ketenci Joins ISyE as an Academic Professional

Sep 10, 2018 | Atlanta, GA

Tuba Ketenci has joined the Stewart School of Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISyE) as an academic professional and non-tenure track faculty in ISyE's Academic Office. She earned her B.S. degrees in computer science and business administration, an M.S. in educational studies, and received her Ph.D. in educational technology, with a concentration in research, measurement, and statistics. Her areas of expertise include instrument development, social network analysis, and quantitative methods in education research, such as hierarchical linear modeling and structure equation modeling.

Her research focuses on improving K-12 engineering education through research on curriculum and test development, and the development of students’ computational thinking in technology-enhanced environments. As part of her graduate studies, Ketenci directed a study that focused on measuring engineering curriculum impact on students’ computational thinking and 21st-century skills. She also works with a research group for online undergraduate education, and her role involves social network analysis and emotion analysis to measure changing leadership patterns among students’ online discussion posts and to analyze the relationship between students’ emotion in their discussion posts and their leadership level.

  • Tuba Ketenci
    Tuba Ketenci

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