Online Student Quick Reference Guide

Student Health

The Office of the Vice President for Student Life and Dean of Students provides a number of services to assist students with medical and personal emergencies. If you need help, visit for assistance.

Undergraduate Information

For ISyE-specific Phase I registration-related information:
  • Login to Canvas
  • Select “ISyE Jobs & Announcements”
  • There is a link to the “IMPORTANT REGISTRATION INFO – SU & FA 2020” page on the Home page
For quick questions:
For video or phone appointments:

Please see the Institute’s Student Guidance on Academic Continuity

FERPA Considerations Concerning Remote Advising

For remote advising, students may have appointments via phone or video conference.  However, this method makes ensuring FERPA privacy more complicated. Advisors will conduct video/phone advising in private locations, and we recommend students do the same to limit the amount of information which could be overheard by others in the vicinity. By agreeing to remote advising, students are confirming they understand this situation. Your conversations will never be recorded by the advisor or shared with anybody.

Graduate Information

Ph.D. Thesis and Dissertation Information
Graduate Student Internships
  • Application and Approval Process
  • Students should continue to apply (domestic interns only) and submit the department approval form via DocuSign. ISyE will review and process the approval promptly. However, it is at the company's discretion whether or not they proceed with summer employment during this time.

Online Application for Graduation (OAG)