National Security

Georgia Tech has helped meet the need for mission-critical defense and security research since the 1950s. Today, Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI) experts, collaborating with other Georgia Tech research and academic units, apply scientific, engineering, and policy know-how to help solve some of the toughest problems of the modern battlefield.

From enhancing soldier survivability, to modernizing defense electronics, Georgia Tech is improving the safety and security of military personnel abroad and citizens at home by developing new technologies to defeat enemy threats and provide a strategic advantage against adversaries.

Putting a long history of systems engineering excellence into action, Georgia Tech researchers build new systems, integrate new technology into older systems, and rapidly produce end-to-end solutions that can be deployed wherever they are needed most. These include new generations of unmanned systems in the air, on land, and in the sea, working together to protect those who defend the nation and to ensure that their missions are accomplished. Much of this research takes place at GTRI, Georgia Tech’s applied research organization, which conducted more than $300 million in research during fiscal year 2012.

ISyE research faculty who collaborate with Georgia Tech's National Security Core Research area include:

Affiliated ISyE Faculty

Alan Erera
Associate Chair for Research, Co-Executive Director, Georgia Tech Panama Logistics Innovation & Research Center, UPS Professor of Logistics
George Lan
Associate Director of Machine Learning and Data Science, A. Russell Chandler III Professor