As systems grow increasingly more complex, the processes used to design, test, validate, and manage them must keep pace. Systems research and education at Georgia Tech address the needs of both government and industry, focusing on the systems themselves, as well as the underlying development processes.

ISyE faculty who collaborate with Georgia Tech's Systems Core Research area include:

Affiliated ISyE Faculty

Santanu Dey
Associate Chair for Graduate Studies, A. Russell Chandler III Professor
Alan Erera
Associate Chair for Research, Co-Executive Director, Georgia Tech Panama Logistics Innovation & Research Center, UPS Professor of Logistics
Nagi Gebraeel
Georgia Power Early Career Professor , Professor
Pinar Keskinocak
William W. George Chair and Professor, ISyE; ADVANCE Professor, College of Engineering; and Director of the Center for Health and Humanitarian Systems
Andy Sun
Anderson-Interface Early Career Professor, Associate Professor
Julie Swann
Adjunct Professor, Co-Founder, Center for Health and Humanitarian Systems
Chelsea White
Schneider National Chair in Transportation and Logistics, Professor
Jeff Wu
Coca-Cola Chair in Engineering Statistics, Professor
Yao Xie
Harold R. and Mary Anne Nash Early Career Professor , Associate Director of Machine Learning and Data Science, Associate Professor