Date: July 26th - July 29th, 2010
Location: Georgia Tech Student Center

The Mixed Integer Programming (MIP) Workshop Series was designed to bring together the integer programming research community in an annual meeting.


  • The workshop program is composed of a limited number (around 25) of invited talks on recent and typically unpublished work on MIP.
  • The talks are organized in a single track and scheduled to leave ample time for discussion and interaction among the participants.
  • To encourage participation of students and junior researchers, no registration fee is charged.
  • The workshop features a poster session, in which the attendees can present their work on MIP related topics.
  • Workshops are held annually in North America. Information on past MIP workshops can be found here.


  • The organizing committee consists of five members, with one member being from outside North America.
  • All but one member of the organizing committee changes each year. The new committee is selected by the outgoing organizing committee. One member serves two consecutive years for the purpose of maintaining continuity.
  • The organizing committee may seek the help of a local organizing committee as appropriate.

Poster Information

Accepted posters:

  • A. Gupte. MIP heuristics for bilinear programming problems
  • C. D'Ambrosio, A. Frangioni, L. Liberti, A. Lodi. On Interval-subgradient and No-good Cuts
  • D. Gade, S. Kucukyavuz. Lot-sizing with Fixed Charges on Stocks and Backorders
  • E. Kozyreff, I.R. de Farias JR., R. Gupta, Ming Zhao. Branch-and-Cut for Separable Piecewise Linear Optimization and Extensions
  • G. Nannicini, G. Cornuejols. Reduce-and-Split revisited: efficient generation of split cuts for mixed-integer linear programs
  • H. Jeon, J.T. Linderoth. Inequalities for a Nonseparable Quadratic Set
  • K. Wolter, W. Cook, T. Koch, D. Steffy. Designing an Efficient Branch-and-Bound Approach for Exact Integer Programming
  • L. Poirrier, Q. Louveaux. A computational survey of best-case gap closure for various relaxations
  • M. Namazifari, J.T. Linderoth, J. Luedtke, A. Miller. Strong Relaxations for Global Optimization Problems with Multilinear Terms
  • M. Kilinc, J.T. Linderoth, J. Luedtke, A. Miller. Practical Disjunctive Cuts for Convex Mixed Integer Nonlinear Programs
  • Q. He, S. Ahmed, G.L. Nemhauser. A probabilistic comparison between split cuts and type 1 triangle cuts
  • S. Drewes, S. Pokutta. Cuts for a class of mixed 0/1 second order cone programs
  • S. Shen, J.C. Smith, S. Ahmed. Expectation and Chance-constrained Models and Algorithms for Insuring Critical Paths
  • S. Coniglio, E. Amaldi, S. Gualandi. Exact bi-criteria cutting plane generation for inequalities with 0-1 coefficients
  • S. Sanjeevi, K. Kianfar. A Polyhedral Study of Triplet Formulation for Single Row Facility Layout Problem
  • S. de Vries, O. Bastert, B. Hummel. A Generalized Wedelin Heuristic for Integer Programming
  • V. Narayanan. Split Closures of Convex Mixed-Integer Sets
  • S. Gollowitzer, L. Gouveia, I. Ljubic. MIP Approaches to the Two Level Network Design Problem with Facilities
  • A. Mahajan. Intersection cuts for constraints with concave functions
  • M. Tural, G. Pataki. Basis Reduction and the Complexity of Branch-and-Bound
  • H.A. Mahmoud, J.W. Chinneck. Achieving Integer Feasibility Quickly by Alternating Axis-Parallel and General Disjunctions
  • J.Marecek et al. Computational experience with an interior point method and conic cuts for integer least squares
  • A.Qualizza, E. Balas. An enhanced Monoidal strengthening procedure for Mixed Integer cuts
  • K. Chung, J.P. Richard, M. Tawarmalani. Lifted Inequalities for 0-1 Mixed-Integer Bilinear Covering Sets




Download Detailed Program and Abstracts

Monday (7/26)
8:00-8:45 - Registration
8:45-9:00 - Opening Remarks
9:00-9:30 - Jon Lee
9:30-10:15 - Santosh Vempala
10:15-11:00 - Coffee Break
11:00-11:45 - Karen Aardal
11:45-12:15 - Michele Conforti

12:15-2:15 - Lunch Break

2:15-3:00 - Egon Balas
3:00-3:30 - Coffee Break
3:30-4:00 - Pierre Bonami
4:00-4:30 - Stefano Smriglio
4:45-7:00 - Poster and Reception

Tuesday (7/27)
9:00-9:45 - Ellis Johnson
9:45-10:30 - Matteo Fischetti
10:30-11:00 - Coffee Break
11:00-11:45 - Zonghao Gu
11:45-12:15 - Marc Pfetsch

12:15-2:15 - Lunch Break

2:15-3:00 - Daniel Espinoza
3:00-3:30 - Coffee Break
3:30-4:00 - Tobias Achterberg
4:00-4:30 - Simge Kucukyavuz
7:00-10:00 - Conference Dinner

Wednesday (7/28)
9:00-9:45 - Sanjeeb Dash
9:45-10:15 - Quentin Louveaux
10:15-11:00 - Coffee Break
11:00-11:45 - Andrea Tramontani
11:45-12:15 - Giacomo Zambelli

12:15-2:15 - Lunch Break

2:15-3:00 - Jim Ostrowski
3:00-3:30 - Coffee Break
3:30-4:00 - Michele Monaci
4:00-4:45 Juan Pablo Vielma
5:00-6:00 - Business Meeting

Thursday (7/29)
9:00-9:30 - Jim Luedtke
9:30-10:15 - Andrew Miller
10:15-11:00 - Coffee Break
11:00-11:45 - J-P. Richard

For More Information, contact:

Shabbir Ahmed (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Ismael Regis de Farias Jr. (Texas Tech University)
Ricardo Fukasawa (University of Waterloo)
Matthias Koeppe (University of California, Davis)
Andrea Lodi (University of Bologna)


This event was sponsored by ExxonMobil, IBM, FICO, Georgia Institute of Technology, Gurobi Optimization, and SAS.