Throughout the semester, our students have been given the opportunity to be challenge their entrepreneurial spirits in the inaugural ISyE Entrepreneurial Competition, founded by ISyE alumnus Sam Millson.

Teams participated in mapping out a potential business plan to bring to fruition for future investments. The entrepreneurial competition was created with the goal of supporting and inspiring current ISyE students to take the leap into entrepreneurial investments.

The competition consisted of two parts: entrepreneurial workshops and final presentations. During the workshops, Millson guided the teams in crafting their business models, budget development, and differentiation strategies. The goal is to help the teams gain the necessary skills and knowledge to develop a feasible business plan that could be implemented in the future.


Winning Teams:

Team Name: ADU-IQ

Winning Prize: $7,500

Members: Chris Kontomaris, Sydney Mudd, Jada Wilson


Team Name: DockOps

Winning Prize: $2,500

Members: Kathryn McCarthy, Devanshu Tiwari


Sam Millson is the Founder of The Millson Group, a consulting and investing firm that specializes in helping small to medium-sized businesses achieve growth and efficiency.

The competition is sponsored by The Millson Group.

ISyE Entrepreneurial Competition

ISyE Entrepreneurial Competition