Two ISyE Undergrads Among Petit Scholars Sponsored by CHOA

Apr 29, 2016 | Atlanta, GA

Modern pediatric healthcare faces a set of specific challenges, both clinical and financial. For example, there are increasing numbers of children with chronic physical conditions as well as mental health problems. And access remains an issue as the pediatric healthcare workforce shrinks and fewer dollars are available for research.

But children’s health issues remain front and center for a dedicated group Petit Undergraduate Research Scholars, thanks to the support of Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta (Children’s), which is working to improve the future of care for its young clientele. 

Children’s is supporting six Petit Scholars through its Children’s Scholars Program this year, an initiative that is part of the Children’s Pediatric Technology Center (a collaboration that includes Emory University and Georgia Tech). These students are addressing a range of issues that include cystic fibrosis, neuromuscular disease, cancer, and the economics of depression.

The Petit Scholars include ISyE students Sean Monahan and Alex Moran. Click here to read more about their work:

  • ISyE undergrad and Petit Scholar Sean Monahan
    ISyE undergrad and Petit Scholar Sean Monahan
  • ISyE undergrad and Petit Scholar Alex Moran
    ISyE undergrad and Petit Scholar Alex Moran

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