Xin Chen

James C. Edenfield Chair


 Groseclose 314
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  • Optimization
  • Revenue Management
  • Supply Chain Management


Xin Chen is the James C. Edenfield Chair and Professor in ISyE. He obtained his PhD in Operations Research from MIT (2003), MS in Computational Mathematics from Chinese Academy of Sciences (1998) and BS in Computational Mathematics from Xiangtan University (1995). His research interest lies in optimization, revenue management and supply chain management. He received the Informs revenue management and pricing section prize in 2009. He is the coauthor of the book "The Logic of Logistics: Theory, Algorithms, and Applications for Logistics and Supply Chain Management (Second Edition 2005 & Third Edition 2014)". His research interests are in data analytics; revenue management and dynamic pricing; operations research; operations management; optimization; optimal stochastic control; computational mathematics; and production, inventory and supply chain management.